About Us

Experienced & Reliable

Mac Cleaning Services, with now over 5 years of experience cleaning in Cambridge and its surrounding areas, it has become one of the most trusted names in the industry. We have established good working practices and robust control measures to ensure that all site requirements are met. Our service has built a reputation for being a reliable, flexible, and trustworthy partner with a good quality focus. We fully understand the need for flexibility to ensure a smooth operation that acknowledges your working patterns. We have very strong and well-established communication practices that enable us to clean areas as soon as they are made available. Therefore, our team is able to work in tandem with your operational teams. 


At Mac Cleaning Services we appreciate that every client has unique needs and we tailor our solutions to meet your specific requirements. MCS is able to provide reliable, high-quality services and to adapt to changing requirements. We pride ourselves on our strength of management and support to our staff that allows us to react quickly and efficiently to unexpected events and ensure all of your expectations are met.


Quality Control is a very important aspect of Mac Cleaning Services as part of its commitment to meeting standards of service provided by the contract and working hours. Our primary aim is to meet our clients’ needs in the most reliable, friendly, safe, and efficient way possible so that our clients’ needs are provided as expected when they expect it. Moreover, our qualified QCs supervise our operators to monitor the needs and standards of the contract whilst ensuring adequate PPE, machinery information, COSHH details, and the safety measures for the operatives themselves in line with our overall Risk Assessment. All procedures comply with recognised good and safe cleaning practices. 


Our staff monitoring and management system also helps us to accurately monitor and record staff attendance, hours worked, lateness, sickness, and holidays. We also record and provide our clients with before and after images as part of our Recording Management System. Audits are then made electronically or physically available following completion. 

Health & Safety 


Mac Cleaning Services places safety as our top priority in operations, especially during these times. We now make a preliminary risk assessment prior to each clean and have new measures in relation to Covid-19 that can be found under our ‘Covid-19 Measures’ tab.


It is well recognised that successful health and safety management can contribute to a successful business performance.


Mac Cleaning Services will allocate resources to provide and maintain safe and healthy places of work. We are committed to progressive improvements to our safety management system, which will assist in developing a positive health and safety culture throughout the organisation.  It is believed that the pursuit of this policy will lead to progressive improvements in our health and safety performance.


Where significant risk assessment shows it to be necessary, we will call on the services of our outside experts and consultants to assist us with our health and safety responsibilities. We firmly believe that our operational responsibility for safety lies with management, each individual employee, health and safety officer and our safety committee.


Health and safety policies and procedures will be positively promoted within the organisation and brought to the attention of all our employees.  We will continually review and update the policy to identify deficiencies and to meet any changes in legislation and business developments.  The Health and Safety (Consultation with Employees) Regulations 1996 encourage improvements in the health and safety of employees at work.  Employers are required to consult employees in good time on matters relating to their welfare.


We are committed to making employees aware of their own responsibilities to do everything possible to prevent injury to themselves or others in the course of their work and will consult with managers in the implementation of the health and safety policy.  We are also committed to reviewing our policy and arrangements on a regular basis to ensure compliance with regulations.



Environmental Policy 


Mac Cleaning Services is devoted to not only maintaining a clean property but planet too. Businesses hold a higher responsibility to ensure environmental protection, practices, and the sustainability of our resources, especially where using sensitive chemicals and risky machinery. We hold our planet to the high regard and encourage business partners, service providers, and clients to join this effort to protect our planet in a clean and friendly way. 


All of our cleaning products are eco-friendly and the best professionally produced to help maintain a low carbon footprint. We also have a specific recycling system to avoid waste and promote environmental efficiency. Where special industrial chemicals are used our company has a separate waste disposal system to prevent harm to the environment.  Furthermore, our company aims to conserve energy by using the most energy-saving equipment and ensures the power of non-critical equipment is always off. Moreover, a number of our administrative and communication systems are electronic in an effort to move towards a paperless and eco-friendly environment.